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About UNESCO 2014/10-03 ・ 4320

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was established in 1945 to promote the aims set out in article 1, para. 3 of the UN Charter. Its purpose, as stated in article 1 of its Constitution, is to contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among nations through education, science and culture.

UNESCO has 193 Member States and six associate members (as of April 2011), one of the highest memberships in the UN system. The electoral grouping system allocates each region a specific number of Executive Board seats:


  • Group I (Western European and North American countries), nine seats;
  • Group II (Eastern European countries), seven seats;
  • Group III (Latin America and the Caribbean counttries or GRULAC), 10 seats;
  • Group IV (Asia and the Pacific countries or ASPAC), 12 seats;
  • Group V(a) (Africa), 13 seats;
  • Group V(b) (Arab States), seven seats.

Mongolia is in the Asia-Pacific country, which consits of 41 countries and 12 members elected every two years. 

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