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Second Workshop on Preservation of the Archaeological Tomb of Shoroon Bumbagarand Conservation of Ancient Mural Paintings

News 2016/11-03 ・ 1600

This project is designed to address the challenges of preserving, maintaining and safely and adequately displaying a funeral place of ancient nomadic nobles and mural paintings dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. in Bulgan Province to the west of Ulaanbaatar.


According to the cooperation between UNESCO and Principality of Monaco the“Capacity-Building and Awareness-Raising for the Preservation, Conservation, Presentation and Sustainable Management of the archeological site of ShoroonBumbagar of mountain Maikhan in Bulgan Province” project was carried out for 4 years since 2015.


This project aims to provide support and assistance to mitigate the above challenges by laying the foundations for integrated and sustainable preservation of the tomb. Proposed interventions will involve mapping, monitoring and preservation of the tomb and mural paintings through a series of training sessions and workshops; building capacity of various stakeholders in conservation and management; targeted research and surveying of the pressures on the site and fostering awareness of the general public on the significance of preserving the resources within this property for the benefit of Mongolians and the international community.


During the above mentioned project the first step theory and practical workshop was organized under the name of “Preservation of the Archaeological Tomb of ShoroonBumbagar and Conservation of Ancient Mural Paintings” between 19th October to 07th November, 2015 in Ulaanbaatar city and Bayannuur archeological site. The project second practically workshop of “Preservation of the Archaeological Tomb of ShoroonBumbagar and Conservation of Ancient Mural Paintings” was successfully organized during the 05-19th September 2016 in Shoroonbumbagar archeological site of Bayannuur, Bulgan province.


The next step workshop will be organizing under the purpose of raise the awareness of local communities about the importance of Mongolia’s cultural heritage and to improve public appreciation of archeological sites in spring and autumn of 2017 and brought together with local stakeholders, specialists, governor officersof Bulgan province, Bayannur town, Lun town, Dashinchilen town. 

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