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Exhibition period: May 15–25, 2015

Public reception: May 15, 2015, 16.00 – 17.30 pm

Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery

Central Cultural Palace - B Corpus

Baga Toiruu-44,

Sukhbaatar Square-3

Exhibition tours daily at 13.00 pm, 14.00 pm, and 15.00 pm

Tel: 976 - 86603162

Email: tstsendee@gmail.com



Curator: Ester Bozzoni 

Tsendpurev Tsegmid inaugurates her first solo exhibition in Mongolia, titled “TEN YEARS: RELIGHTING THE NARRATIVES” at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar. The public gallery displays her exhibition, which condenses the creative research of a personal identity, through experiences of emotional, cultural and social situations.

The artist draws inspiration from her inner world in order to produce photo-based works, and expresses the conflicts coming from the contrast between personal and outer realities. The selection of large format photographic images combined with writings, site-specific installations and video projections of re-edited audiovisual materials that Tsendpurev has created instinctively, often confiding her feelings to the camera.

The crucial moment of Tsendpurev’s life was the overseas relocation, which resulted in a long and emotionally challenging experience in Leeds – UK, where the artist had to cope with her "Being Mongol", the stereotypes and the resulting redefinition of identity, and she fills the images with the dialogues of "Where I come from?”, "Who am I?, “Whom I could be?"

In her works, she narrates and analyzes the path of an individual, who might be defined as “the erudite stranger” through production of series of photographic works. Tsendpurev’s massive photographic production tells about the search for a balance among different identities, “Stranger”, “Woman”, “Daughter” and “Artist”, which are engendered by the comparison with the society and the internal conflict the definition of ego. This flow into the research that integrates her personal image and her daily surroundings creates a space, where the only guests are the artist/model and the camera. The resulted artworks come under the term “auto-photo-performance”, coined by the artist herself.

The constant presence of Tsendpurev’s art practice since 2012 is the gaze on women’s social role, still subordinate to men and subjected to social gender pressures. Through the external judgment – on art works, as well on the author - the female artist experiences a social constriction, which often diverts public attention from the conceptual and aesthetic qualities of the works, sadly in favor of a voyeurism against the body and the intimacy of the individual.

For the last three years, Tsendpurev has focused her practice-based research on this theme. The initial difficulty of adjusting back to life in Mongolia, gradually gave way to the exploration of social boundaries - as she had already addressed in the UK - using one's own body - and no more of her own face - the preferred subject for her works. While remaining consistent to the previous modus operandi, Tsendpurev approaches a different aesthetic which results in a visual experimentation that leaves apart the aesthetic and compositional dogmas. Direct and ambiguous images point and disappoint the idealization of the female body. The curatorial objective is to show the questions addressed by the artist and to assemble Tsendpurev’s artistic path, since she left Mongolia in 2004 until today, under a new perspective and through a thematic grouping of art works produced by the artist during this period.

Artist bio:

Tsendpurev Tsegmid (b.1980) is an emerging artist and curator based in Mongolia, who started her art practice in 2002. She holds BFA in painting from the Institute of Fine Art (2002) in Ulaanbaatar, MFA (2005) and PhD (2012) in contemporary visual art practice and research from the Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design in the UK. Her art practice encompasses photography, performance, video art and photo essays. Her PhD thesis title: “Stranger’s Identity Explored Through Contemporary Art Practice: In-Between Mongolia and the UK” (2007-2012). Her works were shown at exhibitions in the UK, USA and Mongolia. In August 2013, she established an independent arts centre VANJIL, which promotes contemporary art, emerging artists and art education. (www.vac-artscentre-mongolia.org).   

Curator bio:

Ester Bozzoni (b.1984) is an Italian artist and documentary filmmaker, who is living in Ulaanbaatar since June 2014. In 2003, she started her practice in relational art field and she has been focusing mainly in video art since 2005. She studied Visual and Performing Arts, and Design and Production of Visual Arts in Venice at IUAV University, where she achieved the Master’s Degree in 2010. She attended workshops with several artists and curators such as Lewis Baltz, Eva Marisaldi, Tania Bruguera, Jimmie Durham, Rene Gabri, Cesare Pietroiusti, Adrian Paci, Alberto Garutti, Cornelia Lauf and Nicola Bourriaud. She took part in several collective art projects and her works were exhibited in Italy and Slovenia. Her experience as a curator has started in 2011, while she was the director of the independent art centre “Progetto Tangram.

About the Gallery:

The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery collects and exhibits modern and contemporary Mongolian artworks. The collection serves an important role in documenting the social, historical and cultural evolution of Mongolia. In 1991, MNMAG separated from the Fine Arts Museum of Mongolia and became an independent organisation, dedicated to increasing public appreciation for Mongolian modern visual artworks.

The MNMAG is a government-supported arts organisation. Its collection forms the basis for providing aesthetic experiences and art education to the public. The gallery’s unique collection consists of Mongolian modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, crafts and other new forms of art and artifacts, which possess originality and a Mongolian identity. The artworks cover a range of themes from history and cultural traditions to landscapes and contemporary expressions.


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