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"Infоrmation for All Prоgramme" (IFAP)

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About Information for All Programme - IFAP

The Information for All Programme is an intergovernmental programme, created in 2000. Through IFAP, Governments of the world have pledged to harness the new opportunities of the information age to create equitable societies through better access to information.

The last decade has witnessed technological development at a scale and speed unprecedented in the history of humankind. The challenge the world faces is to ensure equitable access for all people to seize these new opportunities. Information is central to development. Information is essential for survival and sustainability. Information is the pathway to understanding and peace. The Information for All Programme is UNESCO's response to the challenges and opportunities of the Information Society.

The Information for All Programme is closely integrated with UNESCO's regular programme, especially in the area of communication and information. IFAP works closely with other intergovernmental organizations and international NGOs, particularly those with expertise in information management and preservation, for example the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the International Council on Archives (ICA).

At the beginning of 2006, more than 50 IFAP National Committees exist, providing a focus at the country level as well as an opportunity to interpret and mobilize the IFAP vision for local communities.


A central concern of UNESCO is the disparity between developed and developing countries. Countries are often characterized as "north" and "south" depending on their economic situations, but in recent years, a new divide between them has emerged - the digital divide.

IFAP exists to be an advocate for all people on the wrong side of the information divide, whether they be in developed or developing countries. Of special concern are the needs of women, youth and the elderly, as well as persons with disabilities.

The Information for All Programme seeks to:

  • promote international reflection and debate on the ethical, legal and societal challenges of the information society;
  • promote and widen access to information in the public domain through the organization, digitization and preservation of information;
  • support training, continuing education and lifelong learning in the fields of communication, information and informatics;
  • support the production of local content and foster the availability of indigenous knowledge through basic literacy and ICT literacy training;
  • promote the use of international standards and best practices in communication, information and informatics in UNESCO's fields of competence; and
  • promote information and knowledge networking at local, national, regional and international levels.


No Programme can be successful without adequate financial support. IFAP needs complementary funding if it is to achieve the objectives that have been set. Much needs to be done to raise additional extra-budgetary funds.

While the functioning of the IFAP Council is supported by UNESCO's regular budget, all programme work, including pilot projects, relies on funds from voluntary contributions by donor countries.

These contributions are held in the IFAP Special Account, which is administered in accordance with the financial regulations of UNESCO, with the Director-General regularly reporting on its functioning to the Executive Board.IFAP also administers a Funds-in-Trust (FIT) scheme, whereby donors can nominate specific projects, countries or regions they wish to support.

A key focus for the work of the Council is to secure ongoing funding for its programmes and projects. Up until the end of 2005, the Council has been able to fund some 37 pilot projects. These play a critically important role in raising awareness within countries of the benefits of Knowledge Societies. The Council encourages Governments to expand their financial support so that IFAP can continue to support this extremely important activity.

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